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Attitude problem?

March 2006

Text: Tony Jones

"Once you've 'told it' what the correct running attitude is during the once-only commissioning and calibrating process it will do its best, by manipulating the drive trim and tabs, to maintain that attitude whenever you are up on the plane."

"One of the clever things about ACS is that during turns, a heading sensor freezes the lateral trim tab control, allowing the boat to heel naturally inwards while still holding the correct fore and aft trim."

"On sterndrive and outboard boats, ACS uses leg trim as the primary control for pitch. If it can't keep the bow down sufficiently by trimming right in it resorts to symmetrical tab deployment."

"I tested the ACS on a Crownline 23 CC powered by a Mercruiser 5.0 EFI and Bravo III leg over a period of several hours, and was extremely impressed "

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