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• To make boating easier for everyone

• Promote sustainable boating reducing the carbon footprint

• Create a free working environment in which the results count, not the place and time





After many years of research and development, we have now launched a range of electric passenger boats for manual or autonomous drive. This is our contribution to a better world. 


2014 ... 2018

A whole range of products for automatic trim control are developed to suit a large range of boats sizes and all trim tabs on the market.


Mente Marine embarks on its most ambitious development project so far. The aim is to create an intelligent product in the smallest format possible pushing the boundaries of today's technology. The entire product platform is renewed, as is the web page and sales concept. Mente Marine wants to create a peer to peer network enabling closer relationships with the customers.


Mente Marine recently finished a tour showing its products to European boating magazines. A test boat was brought from Finland to Spain and back, a trip of a total of 9000 km on land. At the destination, Alicante Spain, many reporters took the opportunity to have a test drive. Mente Marine's personnel also enjoyed the warm Mediterranean autumn making a cruise of several 100’s of nautical miles.



Attitude Control System

Finland-based Mente Marine specialized in inertial navigation announces the launching of an Attitude Control System (ACS) suitable for all trim tab types.

The deep V-hulls of modern boats are designed to give a smooth ride in rough waters. The deeper the V, the more marked the need for adjustable trim tabs to maintain a straight attitude. However, many find it difficult to adjust the trim tabs and others are relieved when they do not have to!

With the Attitude Control System from Mente Marine, the required adjustments are made automatically. The Attitude Control System improves the stability onboard, achieving greatly increased safety.


Mente Marine Ltd was formed by a bunch of enthusiastic guys in their 30’s at the time.
















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