For boats with minimal bow rise

  • Choose the ACS R if the boat does not raise the bow much while getting onto plane

  • Typical boat type: Planing hull, 15 ... 30 feet


Controls roll

  • Controls roll (Healing)



Direct trim tab connection

  • The wires of the actuators or hydraulic pump are connected directly on the backside of the control panel



Compatible with all popular trim tabs

  • Electromechanical trim tabs, Lectrotab, Lenco

  • Hydraulic trim tabs, Bennett, Instatrim

Pictures of trim tabs



Tab position display

  • Tab position is estimated and displayed for all kind of trim tabs



Turning detection

  • Automatic control is suspended while turning



For all sea conditions

  • The automatic control adapts to varying sea conditions



Off the plane sleep

  • Automatic control is suspended while off the plane



Automatic retraction

  • The trim tabs are retracted to prevent marine growth


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